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Thermal Cameras

Thermal, Facial Recognition, & License Plate Recognition Cameras

INCTech can integrate next-generation security camera technology into any business, helping them strengthen access control, improve transparency, and realize long-term security confidence.
The engineering staff at INCTech has decades of experience providing organizations with cutting-edge security technology, including thermal camera systems, facial recognition cameras, and license plate recognition.

Security technology only provides a positive return on investment when it’s installed and configured correctly.

INCTech’s team of engineers has decades of experience deploying high-reliability security solutions, guided by best practices.
Facial Recognition Cameras
  • INCTech helps businesses and organizations make the most facial recognition technology to improve their access control systems. We can configure a facial recognition camera system so that you receive automated alerts via text or email when individuals enter or exit your property, prioritize alerts for known high-risk individuals, and provide you with audit trails to meet any security or compliance goal.
License Plate Recognition
  • License plate cameras are a powerful security tool for organizations that receive frequent vehicle traffic. The new generation of license plate recognition (LPR) cameras goes far beyond the capabilities of license plate capture (LPC) technology, allowing you to put each plate in a centralized database so that security staff can search, filter, and retrieve data as needed.
Thermal Camera Systems
  • Thermal cameras are an easy, powerful addition to a security system. They give your team superior visibility over security threats that other cameras can’t, like low-light scenarios, while also detecting body temperature variations due to the pandemic and other illnesses. The result is fewer false alarms, a higher level of security, and an increased return on your security investment.

Our security camera deployment process is designed to give you confidence.

  • Onsite evaluation to determine project goals and scope
  • Matchmaking with the best camera technology for your business
  • Camera positioning, mounting, weatherproofing, and maintenance service
  • Integrate security cameras with existing security systems