Search Engine Optimization


At INCTech our focus is very simple; turn traffic into sales, and once that is done, increase the traffic and increase the sales.

Search engine optimization is constantly changing, as search engines, including Google, have algorithms that change in order to make it easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for. Therefore, SEO that worked yesterday may not work against your competitors today. It is usually a good practice to optimize for SEO on a monthly basis.

Why should we even bother with SEO?

Search engine optimization is what we call a long-term tactic. While it doesn’t provide that quick return like paid search or display ads do, it will provide a better return in the long term. Depending on several variables, SEO can start making a difference within the first three months to one year.

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SEO Best Practices

Make sure that, when you chose a primary keyword for each page, you repeat that keyword in the title, description, headers, and content. With Google local search being the default, anyone searching outside the Los Angeles area will always put a local identifier, like “Australia” or “Boston” So it is important to include that identifier as part of your primary keyword, when appropriate.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization - Best Practices

SEO requires constant monitoring and tweaking to see which words yield more traffic.

Google Search Crawlers Reward:

On-Page Content
  • Content Quality
  • Content Research
  • Content Keywords
Off-the-Page (Links)
  • Link Quality
  • Link Quantity
  • Trust Authority
  • HTML Headers
  • HTML Description
  • HTML Headers

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