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Residential Security Cameras

We Are Security For Your Future

A well thought out security system should protect your business, family, and property whether you are on the premises or away.

INC Tech security camera solutions are created to fit your location and budget. We offer HD quality equipment that is built to grow with your needs. Our systems are designed for multi-platform communication, to help you save on insurance premiums, and minimize your exposure to theft.

INC Tech provides commercial and residential security cameras in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. A well-designed security system is an effective way to protect the ones you love, your home, and your property. Business security cameras and corporate security camera systems are common; why not take the same security measures for your home?

Also, many wireless security cameras in Los Angeles offer digital video recorders (DVRs) to record Hi-Def video feeds. These feeds give homeowner the opportunity to review security camera footage when they suspect unusual activity, and to store it on a hard drive for future viewing.

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Residential Security Cameras

Residential security cameras are an affordable way for you to monitor activity in and around your home and are vital to your home’s security system. Modern digital surveillance technology allows homeowners to monitor their residential security cameras remotely.

Security Cameras Can:

  • Prevent theft and break ins
  • Provide valuable evidence in the event of a robbery or other criminal acts
  • Prevent family members from sneaking in/out of your home
  • Identify who is at your front door before you allow access or open your home
  • Monitor nannies, babysitters, lawn or grounds maintenance crews, and nursing care providers
  • Deter sexual predators
  • Monitor potential acts of vandalism
  • Often can lower homeowner’s insurance

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