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Commercial Security Cameras

Protect Your Business with a Custom Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems are important to small and midsized businesses, helping deter crime, secure inventory, and improve employee safety.
For some organizations, having a security camera system can even help reduce insurance premiums.
INCTech’s video surveillance systems provide better security than traditional camera systems. We use smart devices, cloud technologies, and security best practices to provide total 24/7 security for even the most complex.

INCTech Builds Customized Video Surveillance Systems

The benefit of an INCTech security solution:
  • Smart sensors to detect people and moving objects
  • Automatic security alerts
  • Body heat and fever detection for COVID-19 defense
Installing a surveillance system takes planning and preparation. Each business has unique security challenges, which means their video surveillance system should be designed to meet those pain points.
We have almost two decades of experience building and configuring business surveillance systems:
  • Built for reliable interior or exterior use
  • Ensures every office and asset receives the right level of security
  • System deployment that complies with local privacy laws and regulations
  • A seasoned team that quickly and efficiently builds each system

Video Surveillance Solutions for Any Industry.

With years of experience serving the manufacturing community, INCTech is uniquely qualified to help meet those security challenges with a custom video surveillance solution.
Each company has unique regulations and security issues that must be considered when building a surveillance system.
Healthcare – INCTech can configure your systems, so they don’t capture protected health information (PHI), such as patient information, examination rooms, or patient’s faces. This helps ensure strong compliance with HIPAA and HITECH’s administrative safeguards.
Manufacturing  – Video surveillance systems are crucial to manufacturing companies. They help protect machinery and products from tampering or theft while also reducing site management time and ensuring optimal safety and efficiency.