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Construction Security Cameras

Construction & Timelapse Cameras

INCTech will guide your business through the setup and maintenance of a high-quality time-lapse camera solution. Leverage our expertise to capture your work and value with maximum appeal.
Achieve the perfect time-lapse project results with INCTech. With years of experience deploying time-lapse cameras in the construction and manufacturing industries, you’ll get the footage you need for your project with no hassle, guesswork, or maintenance problems.

INCTech can design a time-lapse camera solution to help you achieve any goal.

Workplace Monitoring
  • Time-lapse cameras help your team spot inefficiencies throughout the work process. With careful documentation of your project, you can monitor staff and subcontractors as they arrive and leave your site, track how materials are delivered, and see if the equipment is being stored properly.
Improve Security
  • Theft of materials and equipment is an expensive problem for companies across industries. With time-lapse video providing a detailed, big-picture view of your site, you’ll gain greater insight into any theft or vandalism that occurs.
Marketing and Promotion
  • Marketing is about telling the complete story about how your team completed a project or achieved a result. Time-lapse photography is a powerful story-telling method that can engage and captivate new clients while also providing an interesting point of reference for internal company communications

Avoid the Pitfalls of Time-Lapse Camera Deployment

The INCTech team will help you avoid all the common mistakes of the time-lapse process, ensuring footage is ready for use in any scenario.  We have a painstaking process for helping you avoid all the common pitfalls.
Thorough time-lapse planning
  • We’ll ensure that your time-lapse cameras are deployed properly so you never discover halfway through the processes that something isn’t right. Our team will work through site inspection, measure lighting, account for dust and pollutants, and make sure you start on the right foot.
Proper Equipment Choices and Settings
  • Time-lapse cameras must be configured to every stage of the work to create the best image quality. Our team will handle all the maintenance, helping you adjust the film speed to account for slow periods, inclement weather, periods of low light, and whatever else threatens your shoot.
Regular testing and maintenance
  • We’ll test your time-lapse cameras frequently to avoid equipment failure, protect against lightning and other severe weather, or prevent an “act of God” from damaging your project. This is critical in the construction industry, where unchecked equipment can destroy weeks or months of footage.