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Secure Scalable Network Security

Network Security & Engineering

A network security engineer is an essential part of any medium business’ overall technology strategy.
A network security engineer is involved in the provisioning, deployment, configuration, and administration of many different networks and security-related hardware and software pieces.
At INCTech, we take the hassle out of the arduous task of engineering your network and properly securing it against the ever-evolving threats present both from the internet and inside your office. By utilizing proven and thoroughly tested technology solutions from vendors such as Cisco, SonicWALL, and VMware, we can design a network that is secure, fully scalable, and designed with your budget in mind.
Our primary objective is to help our clients realize their technology investments’ maximum performance and ROI potential and deliver a stable and reliable infrastructure to facilitate and enhance their core business. Our team’s reputation for excellence has proven successful by implementing many high-profile and mission-critical projects across a broad range of industries.

Identify Real Threats – Our network security goal is to reduce the false alarms and correctly identify the true threats directed at your network systems.

24/7 Monitoring – Our expert security analysts monitor your network 24×7 to deliver in-depth analysis of your security activities and remediation of vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Desktop to Cloud – Proactive monitoring from desktop to cloud for complete network security visibility.
  • Security Event Monitoring
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Endpoint Monitoring
Effective network security requires high-tech monitoring of your entire computer infrastructure.
Most companies do not have the resources to staff an effective 24×7 team of security experts. INCTech’s monitoring solutions can help.