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Make IT work for you

Proactive Support, Secure Your Network.

Managed Services

INCTECH brings technology consulting and integration to the next level.
From pre-wiring your new office space to setting up cloud email servers, we find solutions that fit your vision. Built on a track record of customer satisfaction, our mission is to create cutting-edge solutions that are crafted to your needs and stay within budget.


Comprehensive Scans For Network Security.
INCTECH’s Managed Services platform regularly scans and identifies external network vulnerabilities. Vulnerability scanning identifies risks such as misconfigured firewalls, malware issues, remote access weaknesses, and HIPAA compliance.


Maximize Efficiency
Business intelligence helps you discover new ways to strategize, plan, optimize business operations, and capture new market opportunities.


Development and Design.
We have long known consumers are driving the web. Every user is different, and how each interacts differently is truly something to watch. A website must consider design and software architecture and how each user type interacts with each piece of the website from start to finish. Website designers, and more importantly, website design architects, must consider user scenarios and variation in human behavior, all while considering the more obvious needs like business task analysis, information architecture, and technology.

IT Solutions

The Right Tools for the Job.

Complete Care
Microsoft 365
Server and Desktop Hosting
Web Hosting