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Access Control & Keyless Entry

Reliable Access Control Solutions from a Team of Experts

Traditional lock and key systems can’t provide reliable security. To protect the property and assets of our business partners and clients, INCTech provides cloud-based access control solutions that are the ultimate in physical security.
INCTech customizes its solutions to meet the specific goals of each client. Because we only use best-in-class devices and technologies, you can be confident you’re getting the best 24/7 security available, no matter the size or complexity of your facility.
At INCTech, we specialize in installing keyless access control systems. Our keyless entry system partners have a wide variety of cards that you can issue to your employees or affiliates.

INCTech Employs the Latest Best Practices for Access Control

INCTech leverages best-in-class security practices.
  • Biometrics sensors including fingerprint and iris scanners
  • Smart security sensors and devices
  • Key FOB and passcode panels
  • Door and gate openers and other security devices
The INCTech team has been designing and deploying access control systems for nearly two decades.
  • Businesses and private offices
  • Healthcare and dental providers
  • Warehouses and manufacturing facilities
  • Laboratories and research facilities
  • Parking Garages
  • Retail stores and chains
As a trusted security consultant, the INCTech team will guide you through designing and deploying a customized access system. No matter the size or complexity of your home or organization, we have a solution.
  • Analyze your location to determine areas of weakness and other priorities
  • Identify the right systems, protocols, and devices for your project
  • Centralize access management controls to ensure access is delegated properly
  • Provide security training to reduce employee error

Stronger Regulatory Compliance

Access control systems are vital to helping businesses in regulated industries like healthcare and finance ensure strong regulatory compliance.
HIPAA and HITECH – Hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices each have high-security assets INCTech helps healthcare clients meet their compliance requirements by ensuring that all their assets receive proper physical security measures.
This includes alarm systems, entry control units, electronic door controls, and more.
PCI-DSS – PCI-DSS clarifies who should and shouldn’t have access to sensitive credit card data. INCTech systems allow you to flexibly grant and revoke access to data, helping you avoid PCI-DSS compliance fines.  
INCTech systems are superior to traditional lock and key systems in several important ways. The Benefits of Modern Access Control Systems:
Eliminate Key Management 
  • Lost or stolen keys cause businesses and homeowners enormous stress and money every year, but modern access control systems eliminate those concerns.
Transparency and Audit Trails
  • Detailed audit trails of who has come and gone help you improve accountability.
Enhanced User Experiences 
  • Allow guests and employees to use your facilities as they need without compromising your security.