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Fiber Optic Cabling

Network Cabling & Low Voltage Wiring

Fiber optics is high-capacity cable technology that can transmit large amounts of data quickly while also providing much higher signal quality and lower latency to traditional copper cabling.
These advanced properties make fiber optic cabling well suited to audio and visual applications, computer networking, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), and various other data and telecommunications projects.

Here’s why businesses are adopting fiber optic cables:

  • Faster access to the Internet and cloud services
  • Increased bandwidth for web conference and file sharing
  • Equal upload and download speeds
  • Greater security than standard copper cabling
  • Ideal for large-scale venues or office buildings
Fiber optic deployment is a delicate task that requires skilled engineers. To ensure the reliability and efficiency of your fiber optic cabling project, you should partner with a cabling expert like INCTech, who has the skills to build a fiber optic installation to meet your specific business needs.
INCTech engineers offer a full range of fiber optics services
We’re a full-service fiber optic cabling partner who can walk you through the whole process of upgrading your existing systems to fiber optics or installing a new system into a new office location.

Realize the benefit of fiber optic cabling with INCTech

INCTech provides planning and installation services of fiber optic cabling solutions that help you maximize the speed and stability of your network. With experience in a wide variety of residential and commercial scenarios, our team of cabling experts are deeply familiar with the best practices for fiber optic cabling and bring those skills to each engagement.
Each project from INCTech starts with a thorough analysis, so you know the scope, timeline, and have an accurate price quote before we get started. This allows you to budget and plan for your fiber optic project with maximum confidence.
With over 15 years of experience in Structured Cabling, Information Technology Services, and Low Voltage Wiring of all types, we will get your project wired right… large or small.
  • Fiber optic planning services
  • Safe handling to maximize cable longevity
  • Careful attention to worker safety protocols
  • Datacenter fiber optic cabling
  • Cable cleanup and organization service
  • Office relocation and new office cabling
  • Cable testing and optimization