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Ergonomic Assessments for Productivity

Ergonomic Assessments

Preventing work related injuries starts with proper workstation setup and design. Postural syndrome is highly prevalent due to the long hours people spend at their workstations daily.

We offer ergonomic specialist services to analyze each individual’s risk and help modify the workstation to prevent work related injuries such as carpal tunnel, shoulder impingement, low back pain, and cervicalgia.

An ergonomic workstation is proven to provide comfort, reduce injuries and improve productivity. Since every office space is different, we’ve got multiple solutions to bring your workstation up to speed.

The goal of any ergonomic assessment is to improve workplace productivity, quality, safety, and comfort by making practical improvements in the environment.

Primary focus should be given to improvements that will have a large impact on efficiency.

An effective ergonomics program will lower your OSHA lost time and restricted day injury rates; consultants have the data to show this and can work with you on stating a case for ergonomics.

  • On-site office ergonomic assessments
  • Technology design and selection
  • Office ergonomics training

Job force well-being

An ergonomic assessment is crucial for the well-being of the workforce in an organization. Work related injury is usually due to awkward posture, forceful movement, and external factors such as noise which can affect health and work output.