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Educating End Users on Cyber Threats

Cyber Security Education

INCTech provides end-user cybersecurity training that helps businesses defend their network and data from attacks. Arm your staff with the newest threat intelligence and security best practices to stop cybercrime from harming your business.
Enterprises have huge security teams and budgets to defend themselves, which is why small and midsized businesses are now the leading target for cyberattacks. INCTech offers cybersecurity training solutions aimed at helping this vulnerable discover greater security confidence.
With INCTech in your corner, your staff can be prepared for cyberattacks. We have security training programs to meet the specific needs of any organization, including healthcare providers, legal services and law firms, financial firms and brokerages, professional services firms, and more.

We can help you train your team.

We’ll help you build a training program so that your team can spot phishing, business email compromise, and other fraudulent types of communication immediately. You’ll also learn what to do if malware strikes, how to mitigate the damage of a lost cell phone or device, and much more.
  • Convenient training sessions delivered virtually to employees working onsite or remotely
  • Regular training sessions and testing to ensure that staff stay vigilant and prepared
  • Dashboard and reporting to give managers a high-level view of their team’s cybersecurity preparedness

Cybersecurity education and training for all the most important topics:

  • Credit card security and PCI-DSS compliance
  • Ransomware and next-generation malware
  • Password security and best practices
  • Mobile device security and handling
  • Secure web browsing and digital hygiene
  • Email security and phishing attacks
  • Cloud computing and security
  • CEO fraud and business email compromise (BEC)