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Biometric Access Systems

Biometric Access Systems Installation & Service

Biometric access systems are a security device that uses information about an employee to identify that person. Biometric systems rely on very specific data about unique physiological traits in order to secure systems. A biometric system involves running data through algorithms to identify a user or other individual positively.
INCTech sells, installs, services, and supports a host of recognized, top-quality biometric access control systems in order to provide the best possible solution to your office and building security needs.
When you integrate an electronic building and office access system with your computer data network, your business can reap many additional rewards beyond basic security/protection functions involving your employees, your inventory, and would-be intruders. As a result, audit trail and automated attendance reporting are an added bonus of the biometric access system and can greatly your employee management.

Biometric Verification of Identity

A component part of the Technical Security Services to Guard Data Integrity, Confidentiality, and Availability and is one of the required and most easily implemented Unique User Identification methods (including Secure Password, Biometric, PIN, Token, and Telephone Call Back).

How do biometric access systems dovetail with HIPPA Laws?

An organization can implement entity authentication, which is the corroboration that an entity/employee is who they claim to be. Authentication (Verification) would be important to prevent the improper identification of an entity that is accessing secure data.
Time-Controlled Access 
  • Biometric systems can be programmed to very finite timelines or “per entry-way” and “per employee” basis
Employee Trail Reporting
  • Keep track of who goes where and at what time
Replace a time card
  • Biometric systems can replace the archaic time card system
Breach Notification
  • System tied to alerts and phone/camera system responses to entry breaches
Dual Authentication
  • Can be coupled with other security systems, including cards and passwords
No-Pass Back
  • If someone enters without clearing the system, the same person is unable to exit