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Application Development

Application Design & Development

INCTech offers end to end industry services with viable offerings. We have an innovative approach that focuses on quality and agility to drive business models for enterprise mobility in all various required components.

INCTech offers many years of collective experience and can develop across multiple platforms. Our custom solutions include in depth consultation at every corner so to make sure every user’s experience is ideal.

Our Focus is User-centric. We add only the features your users need and focus on clean, useful programs which do what they are intended to do. We stick with our customers when needed, we are able to update and maintain the applications we develop and we answer our own phones… smart phones. Even if you do not have a specification document, our milestone processes help reduce time and deliver better mobile applications by listening to your needs. Send us your ideas now. We are happy to sign NDA’s.

INCTech is a full source Mobile App, Software, and Hardware Solutions provider that efficiently implements the design, development, and integration of a variety of application technologies.

  • iPhone Programming, Android Programming, Blackberry Programming, Facebook App Integration, HTML 5 Development
  • Connectivity – Connecting physical products to mobile devices and web-based dashboards with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and/or cellular technologies.
  • Create smart functionality for your physical device, including Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi mobile app connectivity or, direct to the cloud via cellular connectivity and more.